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Talent Has Hunger
A First Run Features release for 2016
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TALENT HAS HUNGER is an inspiring film about the incomprehensible power of music to consume, enhance and propel lives. Filmed over 7 years, it is a window into the mysterious world of the artist, the passion that can grip and sustain a young player from childhood through the last days of life.

TALENT HAS HUNGER explores this driving passion: how music compels young musicians to commit themselves to the years of discipline and sacrifice it takes to nourish their talent, and how it drives great artist-teachers to devote much of their lives to mentoring these budding artists.

The film focuses on these twin passions over a seven year period as student talents (some as young as 10) study one-on-one with the renowned teacher, Paul Katz, under whose deft and sensitive guidance, they learn to master the technical skills and interpretive gifts that make for great artistry.

It’s safe to say that anyone who has seen TALENT HAS HUNGER will appreciate concert musicians in an entirely new light. It’s even likely that the music itself will have a deeper impact.

What shines through this film, is that the study of music and the cello is a metaphor for the mastery of virtually any human endeavor.

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Producer/Director: Josh Aronson

Starring: Paul Katz, Lev Mamuya, Sebastian Baverstam, Nick Canellakis, Emileigh Vandiver, and featuring SuJin Lee, Bernard Greenhouse and JŠnos Starker

Editor: Mark Juergens

Cinematography: Josh Aronson & Brian Dowley

Associate Producer: Nina Krstic & Margaret Metzger

For more information contact:

Josh Aronson - Aronson Film Associates
phone: 212-253-6941