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"Beautiful Daughters" The Opposite Sex

Beautiful Daughters is a film about the creation of the first all transgender production of Eve Ensler’s THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES and some of the extraordinary women who made it happen. This production was a first-ever gathering of the transsexual community's best and brightest from all over America. All of these women were born as boys. Some were still living in stealth and chose this performance and our film to come out.

The story began several years ago at Sundance when Jane Fonda met Calpernia Addams, whose life story was depicted in the movie, “Soldier’s Story.” Jane introduced Calpernia to Eve and this production was born. Organized produced and directed by Calpernia and Andrea James, this production took place on V-Day in LA.

Beautiful Daughters follows Eve interviewing the trans women which become her new monologue - weeks of auditions and rehearsals - back-stage jitters, a rollicking colorful GLBT Hollywood audience - and the performance itself - Beautiful Daughters captures it all in a one hour film.

Beautiful Daughters also focuses in on members of the cast and weaves their story into the film.
All of these women have survived and endured – all of them have unique stories that speak to the diversity, strength and heroicism of transsexual women. Their stories help breakdown stereotypes of transsexual women.

Among our characters are

Leslie Townsend, a gorgeous 40-something lady who worked as a highly paid private escort for many years. Leslie finally came to terms with why she’d turned to the sex industry and has started a new career as a real estate developer. Leslie came out as a transsexual when she did the Vagina Monologues.

Valerie Spencer, the outrageous and wise 6’2” African American woman who has her own unique perspective on what being trans means.

Lynn Conway, the lovely 60-something woman who was one of the first successful transsexual women in America:  While living quietly in stealth, Lynn became one of the pioneers in modern computing. "Coming out" after decades of hiding her past, she now maintains a major transsexual support site on the internet.

The Opposite SexThrough dynamic entertaining scenes with the whole cast, Beautiful Daughters explores issues of crossing gender lines, the deep nature of intimacy, sexuality and fear of the feminine in our culture.

Beautiful Daughters is filled with entertaining brilliant people who have made deep personal decisions to survive and to thrive. These women are strong, disciplined and inspiring. They are role models.

Our hope is that this film will help turn the wheel towards a world that accepts the whole spectrum of gender amongst us and sees that as the norm, not as a call to violence.

BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS premieres at 9PM February 11th on LOGO TV.
Thereafter watch for shcedule on LOGO.
To purchase a vhs or dvd contact us at

"Beautiful Daughters" an Aronson Films Production,
is produced and directed by
Josh Aronson and Ariel Orr Jordan.

Executive Producers for LOGO:
Eileen Opatut and Jon Sechrist

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Images from the production

Click here for photos and bios of all the V-Day cast members.

For more information contact:
Josh Aronson - Aronson Film Associates
phone: 212-253-6941